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Pros and cons of electric cars

Many consumers in the car market are now considering electric options. No doubt they help save the environment, but should you really bring home an electric car? Considering that technology is still evolving, opinion remains divided even among experts. To make things a little easy, though, we’ve listed the pros and cons of owning an […]

8 best pickup trucks from top brands

Pickup trucks have been the country’s most popular vehicle choice for many a year thanks to the features on offer. These vehicles are designed, maintained, and used to transport property with an open cargo box attached behind the passenger and driver seats. Pickup trucks have a tailgate that can open and lower accordingly, to unload […]

7 popular SUVs to buy this year

SUVs are a great choice if you have a large family and want your car to accommodate everyone comfortably. They have become a popular choice of vehicle among many car users due to their spacy interior and driving power. Almost every car manufacturer in the country has its own line of SUVs, making it tricky […]


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